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Interactive Document Camera

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Item #: 559038 - Interactive Document Camera
Brand/Model: ELMO - TT-12iD
Features/Notes: The TT-12iD is USB Video Class Compliant and easy to integrate with your interactive whiteboard and video conferencing software; can be used as a webcam; has12x optical zoom; 8x digital zoom; for a total of 96x zoom; megapixel image sensor; zoom dial for easy adjustment; auto focus button; XGA, WXGA, SXGA, 720p and 1080p output resolution; built-in microphone; both still images (jpg) and audio video files (mp4) can be saved on a USB flash drive or SD memory card; captures and reproduces moving images at 30 fps; new Image Mate software with audio and video recording; 5 year warranty.
Price: $ 580.00
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